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  • Casey Giovinco

Backpedaling … or Just Circling Back to Step 1?

In a previous post I said that the navel (or manipura) chakra is the energy center most often associated with willful action. As a witch and a weightlifter, I have spent countless hours grappling with issues related to this chakra, but even so I am genuinely surprised by some of the revelations that I have had over the last 15 days.

Truthfully, I don't intuitively feel like I am done with the preliminary exercises for this chakra. It feels like the flood gates are still opening and new shifts in perspective are happening daily. One of the best take-aways from this process so far is that I have actually learned to listen to that intuition when it chimes in. That's why I have decided to give it another week or two of more streamlined focus surrounding the asanas as well as the traditional visualizations in order to see what other mental shifts come out of my practice before moving on to the awareness exercises for the heart chakra.

Perhaps the best and also most annoying revelation from these past two weeks revolved around the Theosophical theory regarding the septenary nature of the witch. I addressed this theory back when I wrote Step 1 of Uncrossing Your Roads (the self-study course for Gay male witches that I created last year). Basically (and, admittedly, this is an extremely cursory rundown, by the way), the theory says that each human being is composed of seven parts, which the Theosophists call either "principles" or "bodies." How Victorian! We all have a physical body. Everyone's aware of that fact. However, we also have more subtle bodies that we aren't all as equally aware. Those more subtle bodies are energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and, together with the physical body, there are seven in total.

When I wrote Uncrossing Your Roads in order to help Gay witches get a foothold on their magical paths, I was sure that I had said absolutely everything I ever needed or wanted to say about the Seven Principles theory. In fact, I couldn't imagine finding more things to explore around the subject. I even went so far as to give various versions of this theory within the course so that it was, in my humble opinion, "thoroughly addressed." Boy was I wrong!

It never dawned on me that a year or so later, I would be backpedaling to Step 1 and readdressing one of the foundational theories that my tradition is built upon. Yet, here I am.

My time spent contemplating my navel (so to speak) has taught me that I need to readdress this theory in all aspects of my life, and while I love the theory, I will be honest. My ego is a little annoyed that I have to circle back to the beginning. As a teacher (both of yoga students and witches), I know that there is nothing wrong with revisiting the basics, but as someone who likes to continuously progress forward in life, I do struggle with having to go back over things that I originally thought were completed.

Dear reader, have you ever struggled with that?


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