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  • Casey Giovinco

Coming Back Into My Power

I know that it's been a while since my last post, but I have good reasons … at least I think they're good reasons. Earlier this month, I had to focus on some oathbound spiritual ordeals for the tradition, and the preparations for those ordeals took a bit of time. I also attended the Free Spirit Gathering this year, which was lovely, but I didn't get signal while I was on the property. Then when I got back from Free Spirit, some close friends found themselves in a dire situation. Their landlord gave them seven days to pack their stuff and find a new place to live. Since they were in a month-to-month lease, he was legally within his rights to do so in North Carolina, and we had to move quickly to find them a new place. Finally, yesterday was my birthday, and I just wanted to take some time to myself before returning back to work.

While getting ready for those spiritual ordeals, I made the conscious decision not to continue with my Tantric meditations. As you know, I haven't found the Kundalini resting in either the root or the sacral chakras, and I was pretty sure I would connect with it at some point during the solar plexus meditations. Having seen my friend go through some emotional turmoil when we meditated on the root chakra together, I wasn't sure that I wanted to add the possibility of dealing with even more emotion to an already stressful situation. (After all, they are called "ordeals" for a reason.) So I decided to pause my meditations until after I got through my birthday.

Today, I woke up before my alarm clock, and I got right to work on my morning practice. I allowed the icy cold shower to wake me up. I programed that frigid water with all of my concerns and worries that I've carried with me through this last year, and I released them down the drain. (If you're looking for the technique, you can find it in Uncrossing Your Roads.) Then unburdened and ready to face what my chakra meditation might have in store for me, I began my morning yoga practice.

At first it was just an intuition, but after more study on the solar plexus and the way it impacts our thoughts, I was even more convinced that I was right about finding myself stuck in the solar plexus chakra. Now, I didn't run across it in today's practice. I didn't get reactions like my friend did in the root, but it also was only my first day contemplating this chakra.

What I did get from today's practice was a reminder of why I love yoga so much. As I started my first set of sun salutations, my body just seemed to come alive again. Truth be told, it really did feel like I was coming back into my own power. I felt all my muscles stretch, and I could tangibly feel the energy moving up and down my spine as I breathed in and out. I didn't really even have to concentrate on the traditional visualizations to make it happen. It just seemed to flow naturally in time with my breath. At some point during the practice, a general sense of euphoria took hold of me, and I'm still feeling it even as I write this entry nearly an hour after my closing savasana.

Though I'm glad I took a brief break from this practice to deal with the other affairs of life, I have to admit that I'm glad to finally be back in it again! Stay tuned. I think things are about to get interesting.


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