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  • Casey Giovinco

On The Way To the Jeweled City

While focusing on the sacral chakra, I dealt a lot with the issue of boundaries. In fact, one of the translations of the Sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is "one's own dwelling place or residence," which is understandable since this chakra is the seat of the unconscious. To find our place in this world, we must first uncover our subconscious motivations (this includes our fears as well as our desires) so that we can overcome them and operate from our higher selves instead of our egos. In doing so, we set our boundaries by taking ownership of our own borders. We take ownership of our dwelling place.

As I have been working with the navel chakra for nearly two weeks now, I have been confronted with issues that force me to hold those boundaries, which I established in my own life during my sacral awareness meditations. To put it plainly, my patience and my tenet of tolerance have been tested. I've had to have some real "come to Cernunnos" conversations with a few people in my life where I expressed my internal frustrations with them before that pent up energy became explosive.

In order to honor my boundaries, I've had to stick to designated timeframes for things like phone calls. That is very hard for me, by the way. Even if I barely know someone, my phone calls are rarely shorter than an hour. I just get so wrapped up in my connections with other people that it's often hard for me to say goodbye. Unfortunately, in the past, I have allowed this desire to connect with others to draw out conversations that could have been 15 minutes and done. Sort of related to that one, I've had to stop myself from "helping" other people more than they were willing to help themselves. I've never liked to see anyone suffer, and so I've always given them 110% of my attention, energy, and support whenever they've called. This over-exuberance has landed me in trouble with people on more than one occasion, which is even more unfortunate. On the flip side, though, my past mistakes on this front have taught me some extremely valuable lessons. Now, as I meditate on the navel chakra, I am being confronted with opportunities to do things differently, and, truthfully, it has been quite difficult. To be fair, it's also been equally rewarding.

The navel chakra deals with willful action and interdependence. (Stay tuned. There's definitely going to be more to come on this issue.) The navel is the center of awakening, where those subconscious motivations are made conscious. It is connected to our dynamic energy, willpower, and achievement. That said, these tests were bound to come up in order to help me release unnecessary burdens and better exercise my true will.

Like The Sun card in the Tarot, the navel chakra deals with freedom from the chains of our subconscious fears, vitality, and radiant health. In fact, the association with The Sun card in Tarot is really apropos. Tantric texts talk about this chakra as "radiating" pranic energy throughout our physical and energetic systems. This is why Tantric yogis often refer to this chakra as The Jeweled City. When deficient or impaired in some way, this chakra only glows like the dying embers of a fire. However, when it is unobstructed and functioning properly, it radiates with the vibrance of a thousand suns, bringing health, vitality, and well-being to the individual … very much like The Sun card promises.

The biggest lesson that I've learned so far from my time spent becoming aware of the navel chakra is this: There is a world of difference between Nice and Kind. According to, being nice involves pleasing others and being agreeable, while being kind involves operating from benevolence. That is to say, nice people are pleasant and bring us joy. Kind people seek to be helpful. Both of these qualities are extremely useful in their proper places, but when we misunderstand their application, we can get ourselves into serious trouble.


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