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  • Casey Giovinco

Reflections From The Root

I have been meditating on the root chakra for five days now. I have 10 more days to go before I begin concentrating on the sacral chakra, and I was actually getting a little worried that I wasn't getting any reactions whatsoever. Of course I was getting the physical benefits of my practice. I felt the energy move. I also felt reinvigorated by my activity, but that was it. There was no emotional, no psychic response. I didn't see images. I didn't feel anything profound. I actually felt like I might be doing something wrong.

I expected for my mind to be filled with the color red. I thought I might connect with the earth element in some way or pick up a subtle scent with my psychic sense of smell. (Smell is the sense most often associated with the root chakra.) I hoped that I might ride upon the back of a seven-trunked elephant or even connect with one of the gods associated with this chakra (Ganesha or Dakini) in some way, but … nothing!

Fortunately, one of the witches in my coven read my last blog entry and asked if I would let him sit in on one of my Kundalini Yoga practices. We got together on Sunday afternoon, and I ran him through my current sadhana (daily ego-transcending spiritual practice), which includes a kriya, alternate nostril breathing, and a 15 minute meditation on the root chakra. During the meditation portion of our practice session, he started to tear up and experienced many of the symptoms that are to be expected if the root chakra is the point of evolution or, what I have previously called the point of ascension.

The reaction was almost immediate, and it was undeniable. Though I was clear across the room, I could see that he was going through quite a lot of intense reactions. In fact, there was one point during our practice where we had to take a brief break for him to deal with the responses. He was actually starting to get nauseous, and we worried that he might throw up. Because of my own training as both a witch and a yogi, I knew that we needed to push through to the end of the sadhana and then go do something physical, something grounding, something connected to the energy of the root chakra. We finished the practice and then went for a walk in the woods.


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