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  • Casey Giovinco

Tsetse Problems

I have attempted to write this blog post 4-5 times since my last entry, but life just seemed to get in the way. Well, truthfully, my days have actually been quite short recently. I have found myself sleeping nearly 10 hours at a stretch, and though I sleep well through the night, I've found it difficult to wake up in the mornings, and I've needed extensive naps in the afternoons. It seems like I just can't get enough sleep no matter what I do. I actually started to worry that something might be wrong with me, and I may have checked myself for tsetse fly bites once or twice just to confirm that I didn't have the dreaded "sleeping disease."

Fortunately, I had another class with my yoga teacher. I told her about my completely irrational fear, and she just laughed. "It sounds like you might be doing some deep healing. Let yourself go through the process without judgment. It'll eventually balance out." As a yoga teacher myself, I really should have made the connection between sleep and healing. When I took my Yin Yoga training, my teacher talked a great deal about the fact that sleep is one of the main ways that our minds process trauma. As an avid weightlifter with a background in personal training, I know full well that when the body is repairing it needs more rest. The fact that this wisdom didn't cross my mind until she reminded me still astounds me.

Let's be fair. My drama queen moment aside, her assessment makes perfect sense with my history of sexual abuse. If you've read Garbed In Green or A Dangerous Wisdom, you know some of that history. For the purposes of this post, let's just say that I've had less-than-stellar experiences with other men and it should not have come as a huge surprise to me that I would have extreme healing to do around this chakra.

Most people think that sex and sexuality are connected to the root chakra, but the root chakra deals more with foundational concerns, things like safety and security, making sure we have enough of what we need in this life, being grounded in the physical. When these needs aren't met, the sex drive shuts down. Have you ever found yourself so stressed out by life that you lost all interest in having sex with your partner? If so, you are finding yourself dealing with a root chakra issue. While the generative forces certainly start in the root chakra, they don't actually take on the characteristics of sexuality that we all identify with sex until they hit the sacral chakra. And … unfortunately, when the root chakra is blocked we can't access the energies of the sacral chakra in any real or meaningful way.

Swadhisthana (or the sacral chakra) corresponds to the reproductive and the urinary systems. Physiologically, it is related to the prostate and utero-vaginal plexus of nerves. In fact, one of the chakra awareness exercises associated with this chakra deals with helping you locate the energy center within your physical body. Personally, I have found this extremely fascinating over the last 11 days or so.

Chakra Location Exercise

To locate your sacral chakra, simply sit in a comfortable position. Take one finger to your coccyx or tailbone, feeling around for the point at the end of your spine. Now move your finger up about 1 inch and press hard on that spot for one minute. (Do NOT press on the tailbone.) When you release your finger, you may experience a residual sensation. A little ways into that sensation (inside your pelvis, between your urethra and your anus) is the location of this chakra. Allow yourself to concentrate on that exact spot as you see a bright orange orb glowing brighter as you inhale and dimming slightly as you exhale, only to grow brighter still with your next inhalation. Focus on this visualization for roughly 2 minutes.


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