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Gala Witchcraft ®



Our mission is to heal and empower

Gay men through Witchcraft.

Looking for Initiation?

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Gay men were meant to be witches. When this magical purpose was acknowledged, we were embraced by society. However, the centuries of homophobia have taken that calling from us, leaving many of us feeling isolated and alone. The simple fact is that the current incarnation of the Gay Community has forgotten its magic, and it’s time to remember.

Gala helps heal Gay men by reclaiming that ancestral magical purpose.

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Through the process of dedication and initiation into Witchcraft, Gay men are provided with support through their journeys of self-improvement and creative expression.

Advice from an Elder

Initiation means to begin, with the implication of into the Mysteries. However, initiations begin nothing, they confirm the level of spiritual awareness an Initiate has already gained by study and induction into the esoteric Wisdom Lore of the Ancients.

An Initiation Ceremony is not undergone until the Ordeal of Mastery has been successfully experienced. It must be earned and shows the Initiate to be qualified to be considered an Initiate of a specific Level or Grade in the Craft.

If one is asked to undergo a Ceremony, first, before one may study the Craft, or Wicca, the process is being worked backwards. When one studies first and attains a certain body of knowledge and then is given the Initiation Ceremony, as a Confirmation of that level of lessons, one can be assured the true Occult Wisdom Tradition is being worked.

~ The Sacred Pentagraph: A Craft Work In Five Volumes: Books I, II, & III, Tarostar, p.77.

We, in Gala Witchcraft, have always found this wisdom from Tarostar, our beloved Craft Elder, to hold us in good stead. That is why we have created Uncrossing Your Roads, a publicly available self-paced year-and-a-day style course designed to get Seekers ready for initiation. Whether you're ready for initiation or you just want to deepen your own personal study of the Craft, click here to start your journey.

The Covens

Like and follow our pages to keep up to date on what each coven is up to in their area. Each of our covens is unique to its location.


Are you searching for a Coven? Click contact us and we will get in touch with you about the next steps on your journey.

Grand Coven

Gala covens don't hive. Instead, we unite.

Each year, all the covens within the Covendom get together at a secluded location for a week-long retreat.


During that time, we celebrate our shared love of the Craft, bond within our Circles of Companionship, and expand our understanding of the occult wisdom that underlies the Gay Mysteries.

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Gala's Social Media

Chief Elder

Casey Giovinco

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Casey Giovinco is a public witch, Chief Elder of Gala Witchcraft, and the CEO of Gala's federally-recognized church. He writes and speaks about the intersection of witchcraft and the mundane world, philosophy, and myth through his own personal experiences. Casey works tirelessly to empower Gay male witches to reclaim their history and restore their rightful place as magical workers. Through his work, Gala Witchcraft has developed a thriving international presence both online and in local communities around the world.

Casey is currently training for a bodybuilding competition as he writes a memoir about his experience. Follow along as he explores the connection between weightlifting and witchcraft by clicking the button below.

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