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Spells & Workings

The spells and workings in this section are designed to fit within any magical system. Simply follow the instructions in your Tradition’s Book of Shadows or your own personal magical practices as you normally would with any other spell. If you want to use Gala’s public rites in conjunction with the spells on this page, however, simply download our Circle Cast ritual and your chosen spell.

The spells in this section are meant to be performed after the section titled “The Love Feast” within our public Circle Cast. You will find the instructions in the section titled “The Working” of that same document.



A Wishing Pumpkin


Used to wish for love, prosperity, or protection. 

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Gala Witchcraft provides free and open access to these public rites and spells and certain other materials. Use of these materials is permitted without further application, authorization or fees. All Gala asks is that you give proper attribution and not charge money for their use.

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