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Your Hedge Witch Path

In Gala Witchcraft, we actively encourage each of our initiates to cross the hedge and embrace his own personal magical path, independent of the tradition’s core material. The Hedge Witch Path, as Gala sees it, is solitary, deeply meaningful, and usually connected in some way to the witch's heritage or his ancestry. In fact, the concept of the hedge witch is so valuable to us that we believe every witch (regardless of what tradition he is a part of or whether he chooses to forego a traditional initiation and follow his intuition instead) should have the opportunity to cross the hedge and find his own way, which is why we have created this resource for the general public.


Please use the material on this page to enrich your own hedge witch path:

The Core Material

Regardless of what spell or ritual you are doing, this core material builds the ritual structure necessary for you to achieve magical success.

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Altar Consecration


Oleum Maleficis

Lucerna Dei Ars.JPG

Lucerna Dei Ars


The Circle Cast

Uncrossing Your Roads

The rituals and spells listed here are only a sampling of the offerings available through our public course on Gay Witchcraft titled Uncrossing Your Roads. If you would like to know more about the material offered here, please consider enrolling in the course. We’d love to work with you more closely as you embrace your magic.

© Gala Witchcraft 2023.

Gala Witchcraft provides free and open access to these public rites and spells and certain other materials. Use of these materials is permitted without further application, authorization or fees. All Gala asks is that you give proper attribution and not charge money for their use.

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