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Seasonal Rites

Because the Male Mysteries are central to our practice of Witchcraft, Gala witches start our Wheel of the Year celebrations with The Winter Rite. While there are certainly other times that are equally wonderful to begin your celebrations (Samhain, Imbolc or Candlemas, even the Spring Equinox), we choose to follow the Sun’s cosmic course throughout the changing seasons. We do this to honor the fact that the Sun and the light it produces are often seen as symbols of male virility in many cultures.

As part of our celebrations for each year, we create a unique magical oil for our rituals, which we call the Oleum Maleficis (or “Oil of the Witch”). Each witch’s oleum is tied to his overarching yearly goal. Whether he wants to find love, to get that promotion at work, he wants to buy a home, or for any other purpose this oil is primed through our seasonal rites to help him manifest his wish. Throughout the year, his oleum becomes his default oil for every ritual that is intended to get him one step closer to his chosen goal, whether that ritual is a seasonal rite, an esbat, or a simple spell in alignment with his goal.

We offer up these public rituals for you to use if they fit within your own personal belief system. Enjoy!



The Winter Rite


Burying Mask.JPG

Burying the Carnival



The Summer Rite


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