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The Trifecta: A Homoerotic Trinity

When we left off with our story, I was grappling with the nagging feeling that there were some important similarities between Tarostar's wisdom on Prosperity Magic and how Gay male witches should cast our own love spells in order to be successful at finding a mate. As I sat with that intuition, it began to feel even more correct to me. There was just something about Tarostar's Order of Operations for Prosperity Magic that kept calling to me.

Order of Operations

This is where the luck piece associated with the Mercurial energies came into the equation. Truth be told, I have often thought that Gay dating was a complete game of chance. In addition to being such a small segment of the overall population, Gay men also have so many additional variables to manage, which Straight couples do not have to consider.

Just as it is important for a financially-strapped witch to work with the Mercurial energies to change his luck from bad to good, I also believe this same strategy holds true for a lovelorn Gay witch. If his prospects are meager or non-existent, it will do no good to continue barreling forward looking for love in all the wrong places. Rather, what a wise Gay witch in this situation should do is open the way for more dating possibilities. For this, he needs the assistance of Hermes, the Mercurial god of the crossroads.

Just as the witch seeking money can't jump right into the Jovial energies and expect to be successful, our lovelorn Gay witch must also prime the pump a bit. In both cases (love and money), a witch must focus on attraction. For money, this means going to either Venus or the Sun as they will make you look like the best option to the people spending their money on you. However, when it comes to a Gay witch attracting another man, the next step in our game plan has to be pure lust. You need the passionate pull of Mars to help you! By stirring his desires for you, you increase the likelihood that your fast luck gained through the Mercurial influence will actually benefit you.

This attraction alone is not enough, however, to turn a passionate affair into a lasting relationship. Both women and Gay men know all-too-well just how fickle a man's heart can be when all that stirs his desire is lust. You must tend that initial spark into something more manageable, more lasting, and just like fire, this spark of desire must first ignite into a flame and then be allowed to die down to a comfortable warmth of glowing ember. For that process, we must next appeal to the Jovial energies, which can expand the lust and the passion, driving your chosen lover to heights of passion just for you. Once his desire has peaked, then AND ONLY THEN can you use the Venusian energies to turn this love affair into a lasting relationship.

The Homoerotic Trinity

Now, what's interesting here is that in addition to the proper Order of Operations for casting Gay love spells successfully, Gay witches also have the benefit of divine intervention. All we have to do is know where to look for it, but, unfortunately, not enough Gay witches know that this power is even available to us.

For Gay men there are three gods who stand watch over our relationships–guiding us, ensuring our successful bonding with each other, and protecting our unions once they have formed. Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer, Myth, Symbol and Spirit defines this trifecta of godly might as The Homoerotic Trinity, and here is what it has to say about them:

"Each of the three gods played a role in homoerotic relationships: Hermes bestowed lovers with the gift of eloquence. Heracles [Hercules], with strength; and Eros, with beauty and loyalty." (p. 132)

These three gods actually pair up quite nicely with Tarostar's Order of Operations. As the quintessential Mercurial crossroads spirit, Hermes is well-positioned to both open the way for fast luck in love to come into your life and also to aid you in communication once it arrives. Eros, as the offspring of both Venus and Mars (in one version of his mythology) is the perfect spirit to help you navigate the rough Martial energies that begin a love affair and secure the loving Venusian bonds necessary to sustain it once you have given your hearts to each other. Finally, Hercules, as the son of Zeus, is a perfect Jovial force for helping you expand the desire and strengthen your position in your lover's heart along the way.

In Conclusion

So that's the story of how my desire to help Gay men find love with each other grew from an intuitive hit into a full-on book of spells. I hope you've enjoyed this little journey, and whether you buy my book Gay Love Spells or not, I hope that you can use the information in this blog to help enrich your own love life in ways that are fulfilling to your soul. Blessed Be!


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Mar 03

As you continue on your journey and quest to allow gay men to seek that which they desire, lasting and all forgiving love, I salute your progress in these very untreated waters. May your shining light be the illumination that brings a satisfied end to so many quests.

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